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VISA to France
India and Nepal
Ordinary transit (Seamen): Is applicable in case you are taking a stopover for five hours or more and less than 5 days and are joining a ship for an onward destination.

Application Procedure
As per the new procedure Applications can be submitted at the France Visa Application Centre after taking a prior appointment. Appointments can be taken online at  or by telephoning the France Visa Call Centre (phone number: +91 022 67866014). The Internet facility is available 24x7 while the phone-in facility is available 08:00am -05:00 pm Monday-Friday.
A visa application can be submitted by the following:
1) Applicant himself.
2) Travel Agents authorised by Embassy of France, New Delhi.
In case a representative is coming to submit the application he needs to carry a photo id of himself and a proof establishing his relationship with the applicant and an authority letter from the applicant.
A representative cannot be a non listed Travel Agent.

Travel agents approved by the Embassy of France based on their historical volume of applications can also use the Internet appointment facility on behalf of their clients. There is a dedicated web page for such travel agents, accessible only with their user ids.

There will be a service charge of Rs. 1511/- (inclusive of Service tax) and cash handling charges of Rs. 60/ levied per application over and above the visa fees. In case you would like your passport couriered to your specified address, you can request of this facility at the time of submitting your application. This optional service is available for an additional fee of Rs 300 (inclusive of Service tax). The service charge and the courier fee is payable in cash at the time of submitting your application.

The new appointment system is aimed at minimizing the waiting time while making an application. All applications are to be submitted to France Visa Application Centre

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